Upscale Design

Building your visions. Creating reality.


“We love what we do!”-Upscale Design

Founded in 2012, Upscale Design was established by its owner Mr. Emmanuel D Abella, with 10 years’ knowledge and experience on both Telecoms and Construction Industry. 

He humbly started as a regular site acquisitioner and contractor and was able to excel and achieve multiple construction deals. 

His passion, commitment and dedication to work and managed his team, Upscale Design was formed and introduced. With his and teams’ combined experiences. Together, knowledge, skills, experience, process, procedure and never-ending drive to improve are how Upscale Design created and deliver certainty.It starts by being a builder first and taking a hands-on approach to every aspect of every project from pre-construction through completion. 

Upscale Design is dedicated to providing superior services of interior design, space planning and implementation.

Our core valued targets of quality orientation and customer satisfaction pursuit, accumulated resources, knowledge for target markets, ensure customers’ benefits from our consistent, timely and cost effective services.


Our philosophy is to design and build, create inviting and elegant interior fit outs at a competitive price. We pride ourselves that we are not only excel in creating designs but we are focus on quality and success of our work. Upscale Design has a reputation for genuine concern for the finished projects or products, as well as dealing with honesty and fairly in all aspects of business.

“We believe that great result can be achieved by our hard work and sincere dedication towards achieving goals that would satisfy our clients. We are here to do work to a high standard for your gratification!”– Upscale Design


To be one of the top leading building construction solution provider. To be able to serve both private and public sector in their needs for sufficient and reliable design and construction with customized furniture system at economical cost with best customer support system lead fast.


To provide a comprehensive and complete construction and interior design services beginning with initial design concept through installation and detailing of design elements for project completion. 

Client Partnerships
To develop partnerships with each of our clients, and conduct a business affairs in a highly ethical manner.

Product & Service Innovation
To produce, supply and deliver a quality service, through development, production, distribution, and service with innovative products which address well-defined clients’ needs.

Employee Development
To provide a safe and productive work environment which enables every employee to realize the fullness of his/her creative and professional potential.

Continuous Improvement

To constantly strive to improve all aspects of business, including product quality, performance and value.